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Most branded products can be bought across many pre-owned channels. Start your re-commerce business now. Take control over the products after sale and deliver the experience your shoppers want!"


Business processes delivered

Feather by SAP powers business processes required for managing the re-commerce business in house. This includes back-end integrations and workflows required to add / track the inventory, oversee product movements, post items onto a branded storefront and feed transaction data into the reporting dashboard.

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Reporting for the Re-Commerce Manager

With new business models (and like with any business), it is critical to align on performance measurement approach. Only with an all hands-on deck approach and a good understanding of what impact does re-commerce have on the rest of the business, can it get required resources and scale products after sale and deliver the experience your shoppers want!​

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How it works

You have the demand, now you need the supply​. Feather by SAP enables customers to take items back from their shoppers with a dedicated journey, process them in warehouses to prepare for re-commerce as well as issue store credit in return. Other inventory sources may include returned merchandize and other stock.​

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