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Launch or scale your resale business with SAP Recommerce

We empower brands and retailers to capture and control the value of their products after sale with a circular business.


Create new value through managing Re-Commerce cycle

Own Transactional Data
Expand the Customer Lifetime Value
Create a Better Customer Experience
Protect and Improve Brand Recognition

Use Cases

First enterprise-ready solution which modules enable circular commerce to engage with  shoppers, facilitate the reconditioning processes, capture data, and own the end-to-end product life cycle – all in one tool.

Trade-In online

The Goods owner:
Receives instant gratification with a store credit or loyalty points and re-purchase opportunity
Feels satisfied consciously consuming vs. being wasteful
Counts on an easy experience returning valuable pre-owned items

Take Back In-Store

The Goods Owner:
Receives Immediate value and condition feedback from the store associate
Has confidence their items are received and processed with an instore visit
Enjoys a curated, personalized experience for trading-in and buying new items


Brands can:
Secure new inventory without the manufacturing burden
Unlock new revenue streams
Enhance brand loyalty and reach sustainability goals

Manage Reconditioning

The Brand:
Has visibility into the stages of the reconditioning process
Realizes forecasting benefits
Monitors process efficiencies and can react to issues swiftly

Recommerce as an End-to-end solution:

Provides a global, scalable recommerce solution offering key system integration
Is Flexible and modular
Permits brands to own, control and monitor full process transaction data


A differentiated and centric customer experience to earn trust and generate new revenue streams.

Shopper Experience

Create a new consumer touchpoint with a seamless commerce experience. Invite customers to return pre-owned products based on their purchase history, by using product catalog identifiers or with a short product description entered by the consumer.

Store Associate

Create more store traffic by inviting shoppers to bring back their products to stores for a personalized experience. Easy-to-use module empowers store associates to perform recommerce activities in retail locations.

Warehouse Manager

Our white-label warehouse module provides real-time visibility into reconditioning tasks, whether is in-house or by vendors, providing status updates at each step in the process - customizable to your business.

Recommerce Manager

With customer, financial, operational and sustainability data now you are in control of your recommerce business. Achieve revenue targets, control regulatory requirements, and gain consumers’ sustainability recognition with extended analytics and reports.

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Recommerce Leaders

We provide solutions for different industries

Apparel & Fashion

Consumers are looking to new ways to access and own high-end apparel. The resale market is predicted to grow to more than double the value of the fast fashion market by 2030.

Luxury Watches & Jewelry

The demand for pre-owned luxury watches & jewelry has always been high. Especially well-known brands have a high resale value as they are very sellable in the current market.

Outdoor & Gear

Second hand outdoor gear allows people to try new outdoor activities, it make the outdoors more financially accessible, and is more sustainable for our environment.

Your Company

The platform is industry agnostic. Our nimble architecture and API cloud solution offers the flexibility to support your requirements too. "Request a demo" to see the solution and explore more!

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