What is SAP Recommerce?
Where can I go to learn more?
Is there a specific industry / region that your solution works best with?
Is SAP Recommerce connected to business operations?
Is the solution scalable across multiple geographies?
Does SAP Recommerce improve Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?
Can brands use a partner for warehousing, cleaning and repairs and other services while using SAP Recommerce?
If my company doesn't use SAP’s commerce solutions, can we still use SAP Recommerce?
Is SAP Recommerce a separate product?
When is this happening?
Is SAP Recommerce a mobile or desktop application?
What actions do I need to take as a customer to use SAP Recommerce?
How long does this typically take to get SAP Recommerce implemented to start transacting?
Does SAP Recommerce manage my recommerce business?
How does this impact back-end processes, connections, or reporting?
Are there any special requirements or considerations?