Quality goods, used longer

Resale to up sales

Pre-owned sellers return to the brand 2.5x what they received in store credits

Support Brand Loyalty and Quality

75 % of customers return to those brands that offer resale options. They Feel Good about shopping from brands that offer resales and are committed to sustainability.

Quality Endorsement

Offering resale of preowned goods is a testament to their quality and durability.


Emotional but Realistic

Even as we passionately pursue our goal of contributing to a better environment for our customers and their customers, we make sure that every action we take has value and supports our customers' businesses.

Imaginative and Progressive

We envision a better future for our planet, constantly working with our customers to make it a reality and not shying away from unconventional ideas.


While we restlessly pursue our quest to find simple solutions to complicated situations, it is equally important to us that our solutions have tangible benefits for the actual users.


We never lose sight of the goal we are trying to achieve.

High-Quality and Curated

For us, quality is imperative. That's why we make sure that every one of our collaborations and every one of our services lives up to our standards.